Space map Battle sort out - how to have best targets (and best rewards)

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Space map Battle sort out - how to have best targets (and best rewards)

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 14, 2017 11:57 am

How the program choice the battles basket for you?

This works both for pvp and against Empire AI:
I've noticed that if you choose the harder and high paying target then the program keep choosing for you harder high paying battles. Instead if you choose a low level target, then the program will choose for you low level targets.
Therefore, if you've the strenght to beat the enemy, choose always the best target, and the program will propose to you more high paying battles, that is whay you want in order to get bigger rewards.

Then, only against Empire AI, when you've got several good battles and harvested a good amount of items/credits, then the program will reset you to low level targets, 1-2 stars. And you've to restart your ramp up toward the top.

Against real players is roughly the same but with the difference you've to win. in fact when you lose a battle then quite often the high paying targets disappear and you can choice only among poor PvPs. Then you win and then the program will propose again good targets.

take into account of those rules in order to maximaze your rewards.

comments and adds are welcome.

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